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Travelyn Guarantee

Every booking covered by the Travelyn Guarantee gives you the confidence that you will get to your destination comfortably. We protect you against:

  • Flight delays
  • Schedule changes
  • Cancelled flights
How it works

Forget about problems, just enjoy your trip

Traveling with Travelyn Guarantee ensures that our support is there for you in case of any problems with your flight.

  • We will find alternative flights for you in case of cancellation or schedule changes.

  • If there are no reasonable options for your journey we will refund you the cost of unused tickets. And we talk cash, not discounts or coupons.

Additional assistance

You are not alone

It’s not pleasant to be stranded at the airport. Call Travelyn support, explain the situation, sit back, and relax while we do the rest.

  • €10 reimbursement per person to cover the costs of food and beverages (stopovers over 4h)

  • €50 reimbursement per person for stopovers over 8h to cover overnight accommodation


Travelyn Guarantee doesn’t apply when problems were caused by:

  • Your negligence

    There’s a schedule that you need to be aware of, so don’t be late! Our Guarantee won’t cover a traffic jam or forgetting your passport.

  • Changes in booking

    Any changes to your booking made without our knowledge might void the Guarantee, e.g. adding more bags for a connection with a very short layover.

  • Force majeure

    An earthquake, an airline going bankrupt etc. are not valid for the Guarantee.

*Exact details of provision of the Travelyn Guarantee is described in our Terms of Service. Please note that additional limits and exclusions might apply.

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